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Cannon Imagerunner C3380i

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My company has the above copier set up on the network as a printer and scanner.

We currently have one folder set up to recieve all scans. It gets very cluttered, because people don't delete their old scans.

I would like to set up individual folders within the scan folder for each user.
Then set up the scanner to have each user select there own folder and send the scan to that users folder.

I have set up some folders on the network, and I have set up the same folder on the scanner, or at least I think I have.
I can not get it to scan to that folder though.

the scan folder is on the SP-DOMAIN\scan

I set up the folders in this scan folder.
On the cannon copier scanner, I set up new folders, with the following settings
Host \\SP-DOMAIN\scan\userfolder
but it will not send the data to that folder.

Any help would be very appreciated.